Jayjay falcon is a private defense attorney in 19th century Paris, and the main protagonist in Aviary Attorney, along with his assistant Sparrowson. Falcon is the player character and defense attorney in Acts 1,2,3,4B,4C. He runs his own office known as the Aviary Attorney Offices (A.A. Offices), where he takes on cases to defend his clients. Over the course of the game, he gets involved in a revolution and a plot to overthrow the king, and his choices affect the fate of Paris. Falcon is also later revealed to be the grandson of Maxmillien Robspierre.


Falcon is a bird who often believes in his clients and tries to defend them the whole way through. At the start of the game, his reputation is not very impressive, and he is not very well known as a lawyer. His first client in the game, Dame Caterline, picked him since he was first on the list in alphabetical order (under Aviary Attorney). Hower, Falcon soon proves to be a very capable lawyer, with investigative skils that allow him to find hidden clues, and logic that allows him to find contradictions in the witness's statements. Falcon sometimes feels regret for bad choices he makes.


Falcon graduated from law school in 1832, when he changed his name. He has taken some cases, but with not much success, and has lost to Cocorico 5 times before the start of the game.

Act 1: A Cat With Claws

Day 1: Falcon is in his office with Sparrowson when they receive a letter. It is from Purrtoir Demiaou, and is a request to defend his daughter Caterline for the murder of Grenwee. Falcon decides to take the request, and they go to the Conciergerie, where they visit Caterline. Falcon learns that the murder took place at Chateau Criniere, the mansion of Baron Rorgueil, and that a photo was taken in the lounge by Robbinio. Sparrowson then asks what food Caterline had for dinner, and she responds that she had red herring and steak served bloody rare, although there was no cutlery served to eat those.

Day 2: Falcon and Sparrowson decide to investigate Chateau Criniere, where they donate some money to the beggars Sautanne and Gambade. They investigate the gardens with the permission of the Baron, and find a wet cigar butt in the fountain that seems to belong to Rorguiel. Falcon and Sparrowson then head to the lounge where the photo was taken, and find the housemaid Couline, who first discovered the crime, and a clock with missing hands. They find out that Couline stole the cutlery, but she asks for their silence, which they agree to.

Day 3: Falcon next decides to investigate the studio of Robbinio the photographer. Falcon either breaks in and observes the photograph with Caterline, Purrtoir, and Couline in the lounge, or respects the note stating that Robbinio is not in his studio, and decides to leave (Note: this choice is up to the player and does not have an impact on the story)

Day 4: Falcon and Sparrowson head to the Palais de Justice, where the trial is about to begin. The trial starts, with Maxime as the judge, Rabbington as the prosecution, and Falcon as the defense. Rabbington calls Inspector Volerti to the stand, who testifies that the police arrived thanks to the housemaid and found Caterline with blood on her paws that came from Grenwee. Falcon shows a possibility that the blood came from steak, and the reason Caterline got it on her hands was due to the missing cutlery. The judge tells Volerti to do better in his investigation, and sends him off. Rabbington next calls Robbinio, who presents a photograph that shows Rorguiel, Purrtoir, and Couline, with the time on the clock at 7:30, the time of the crime. Rabbington states that since Caterline and Grenwee were the only ones missing at 7:30, Caterline is guilty. However, Falcon immediately finds a flaw in the time and points it out, since the clock in the lounge did not have hands. Using this, Falcon proves that Robbinio forged the photograph, and that it cannot be used as evidence. Robbinio then claims that he was forced by someone to do it in order to create an alibi, but he is "afraid of his claws", so he cannot say who. Baron Rorgueil then comes to the witness stand since he realized that he was about to be suspected. He testifies that when Grenwee went in the garden, Caterline followed, and that they were the only ones there. Despite Rorgueil's claims that he has not been to the garden for years, Falcon proves that he is lying by showing the wet cigar belonging to Rorgueil in the fountain. Rorgueil says he dropped it there by accident, but Falcon shows that Rorgueil hid it deliberately, since it takes a lot of wading to get to the lower basin, where the cigar was hid. Falcon then goes on to accuse Rorgueil of ordering steak to bloody the hands of Caterline, forcing Robbinio to forge the photograph to create an alibi, the murder of Grenwee, and the hiding of his cigar, evidence that would show his presence. After this theory, Judge Maxime and the jury declare Caterline not guilty, and arrest Rorgueil. Later at A.A. Offices, Caterline makes a shocking confession and states that she killed Grenwee and tried to frame Rorgueil with the cigar for her father Purrtoir. Furthermore, Purrtoir asked Robbinio to forge the photograph such that Caterline was in the photo, and the clock hands showed 7:30. This forgery was not finished by the trial date. Falcon is left devastated.