Sparrowson is the second main character in Aviary Attorney, right after Falcon himself. As employee of AA office and JayJay's loyal friend, Sparrowson accompanies him on nearly every trial throughout the game, and serves as the defense assistant in Acts 1,2,3,4B, and is a prosecutor and playable character in Act 4A, and supporting in Act 4C.


Sparrowson is more easygoing than Falcon, and makes several bad puns at whatever chance he gets. He is loyal to Falcon and tries to help him when Falcon is faced with tough decisions or during the trial. Sparrowson often finds key evidence, and has a knack for pickpocketing even the most sharp of animals, such as Severin. He likes to eat often, and cannot control himself around chocolate. Sparrowson is shown to have decent logic skills that are not much lesser than Falcon's skills.

Act 1: A Cat With Claws

Day 1: Sparrowson reads Falcon the letter from Purrtoir requesting a defense for his daughter, which they agree to. They head to the Conciergerie and meet Caterline, who gives them the basic information regarding the murder of Grenwee. Sparrowson then asks what Caterline ate for dinner, which later turns out to be a very useful clue, and she replies that she had bloody rare steak and red herring, though the cutlery was missing.

Day 2: Sparrowson and Falcon investigate the Chateau Criniere, where they donate money to beggars Sautanne and Gambade, and they investigate the garden. Sparrowson makes several horse puns due to the horse statues, and tricks Falcon into wading through the fountain by using a rigged coin in a coin flip, much to the chagrin of Falcon. They then talk to Couline, who reveals that she took the cutlery.

Day 3: Sparrowson and Falcon head to Robbinio's studio. Sparrowson suggests breaking in, since he does not want to waste a day. If Falcon chooses to break in, Sparrowson runs and crashes through the door to help Falcon.

Day 4: Sparrowson and Falcon head to the Palais de Justice. During the trial, Sparrowson reveals that he was the worst in his law school and was forcibly ejected. He helps Falcon through the trial, especially in making tough decisions. Falcon gets a not guilty verdict, only for them to find that Caterline did actually kill Grenwee. Sparrowson tells Caterline to leave the celebrations, while Falcon is left completely devastated.